My latest discovery: “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo

Move over Save Tonight, there’s a new super obscure song we can’t stop listening to! We just discovered Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo! Where has this song been all our lives? We don’t know – it’s obscure as fuck! We had to do a long ass internet search to find this and we haven’t heard it anywhere, not even on Spotify where you can hear practically whatever you want! And for us that means JP Saxe, because we are his fans and we unite! Maybe this song would be less obscure if it were done by the god of music, JP Saxe, our interesting, non boring Canadian singing legend!

Oh, we went off on a Saxe tangent. Anyway, we would love to see a song like Drivers License become the biggest hit in the world, but no one knows about this! No one I know even knows where Olivia Rodrigo came from! Is she from New York? California? Jupiter? Maybe she grew up with Mandalorians and her roommate was Baby Yoda? Whatever’s the case, we just can’t get enough of this non overrated and non overexposed song! Listen to it now! Then listen to JP Saxe!