Staff unhappy with last night’s Book Club

We here at JP Saxe Fans unite are disgusted at the atrocity that was last night’s episode of The Book Club, the weekly music discovery show hosted by M4B Radio owner JessieLou.

Last night she spotlighted the solo career of Alice In Chains singer and guitarist Jerry Cantrell. The episode had no shortage of JessieLou gushing over him and how “beautiful” and “hot” he is, and she even declared in the middle of the show that it was “the best episode since the Soundgarden Club,” a reference to the epic June 2019 double episode where she spotlighted two Soundgarden albums in one night – Louder Than Love (1989) and Down On The Upside (1996).

We here at JP Saxe Fans Unite are outraged. JessieLou’s thirsty, sexually charged comments are inappropriate and not family friendly, unlike the king of music himself, JP Saxe. She should’ve done an episode on him instead. He’s cute and adorable too dammit!