Concert review: Welcome to Rockville 2022, Saturday lineup

I was dragged to that stupid rock music festival in stupid Daytona Beach. I wanted to be anywhere but a place where a bunch of stupid Trump supporters gawk at a bunch of stupid looking cars going fast, but my friend insisted I come along because they desperately wanted to see Jerry Cantrell. I don’t know what’s so great about this Jerry Cantrell because he is not the god of music, but I saw his set, which was just OK, and then we were evacuated into the grandstands because they were calling for lightning.

While there I happened to run into none other than the real god of music, JP Saxe, who was there because he’s a big Agnostic Front fan and came to see their set from earlier in the day. We talked for a bit, and then I asked if he could sing for me, and on the spot he did an acoustic set that was the most epic and non basic thing my ears have ever been treated to. It was better than Woodstock, Monterey Pop and 90s Lollapalooza combined. Not that I’d care about any of the bands on those lineups. Grace Slick? Chris Cornell? Why be into them when I’m face to face with the god of music, JP Saxe?