M4B Radio hold music

Hey guys, it’s been awhile but I am still stanning JP Saxe as hard as ever! His basicness and mediocrity just connects with me on such a personal level. Anyway, I have been getting very frustrated with M4B Radio’s rotation as of late. I mean, every other song is by Jerry Cantrell from his new album “Brighten”, plus I’ve been hearing the new Red Hot Chili Peppers and Liam Gallagher songs a lot, even the latest single from the station’s owner JessieLou, “02.05.2011”, and just a lot of stuff that isn’t my beloved king JP Saxe. So I decided to take action. I called the M4B Radio hotline, and I got this neverending hold music. What was this hold music, may you ask?


This random ass instrumental has been soaring on the M4B Radio Top 40, where it’s currently at #6. NUMBER SIX. You’re telling me my king couldn’t make the top 10 but this nonsense is NUMBER FREAKING SIX?!?!??! Being put on hold for minutes to no end made me frustrated by this even further. But then minutes turned to an hour. Then two hours. Then all of a sudden I realized that M4B Radio put me on hold and made me sit through this for 10 hours. 10 hours of my life wasted, time where I could’ve been jerking off to JP Saxe photos on an abandoned message board, all thanks to “Winter” by Liquid.

Not cool, M4B Radio. Not cool at all.